Is Equine Therapy just for children?

I have had a few people ask me if Equine Assisted Therapy is just for children.

People of all ages benefit from Equine therapy. It is an experiential therapy where individuals benefit from the experience of being in the presence of horses and in nature.

So many people find “Traditional room-based therapies” are ineffective and not the right therapeutic approach for them.

To date I have worked with people from the ages to 3 to 80. Each and every session has been different and yet also profound.

My clients and I have cried in sessions together because experiences have been so powerful and changed their perspective on their challenges and experiences in their lives. As I sit here typing this, I have happy tears and goosebumps as I reflect on so many moments so far where horses truly have helped humans heal.

I am passionate about helping people especially because of how powerful Equine therapy can be for some people. I had the privilege of growing up with horses then a supportive family who encouraged my complete career change from the corporate world to helping people.

If you have any questions regardless of where you live, I am always happy to answer them. Equine Therapy is a therapeutic technique in its early stages of awareness in the world, yet it is so amazingly healing for people.

If you’re looking for someone to support you in this space I am also happy to use my network to help you find an Equine Therapist in your area. There is no incentive for me other than helping others help you!

Here are some photos of Stella – Equine Reflections first therapy horse and my own personal partner in crime. She turned six last year, so young yet she has an incredibly old soul.

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