I discovered my passion for horses at a very early age. It began when my brother, sister and I helped a local horse person round up their escapee ponies! They were kind enough to offer to teach us to ride. My horses as I grew older helped me through a lot of tough times and became my closest confidants.

Fast forward 20 years – my daughter wanted to learn to ride. I found a generous lady named Caitlyn who gave up her time without expectation but the joy of sharing her passion, skills and knowledge about horses. This became a life transforming journey for my family and I.

Horses again throughout covid played a large role in our lives as I moved away from my corporate career into equine assisted activities (a therapeutic way of working with horses and people).

At this point I knew helping people whilst being with horses is what I was always meant to do! Fast forward – thanks to Equine Assisted Therapy Australia in particular my instructor Camilla Mowbray from Chorses and a herd of intuitive, sensitive ponies and horses I embarked on 19 months of study and thanks to the support of my family and friends (particularly my partner in crime Husband Rodney) I now have a Diploma of Counselling and am a qualified Equine Assisted Mental Health Practitioner.

December last year my beautiful therapy horse Stella joined our family.

Out of this journey Equine Reflections became a reality! A dream to have others experience the joy and the healing that being in nature with horses can provide.

I am now ready to start taking clients and would appreciate if you could share my website to friends and family as Equine therapy is not as well-known as it should be. For those that have found it, experienced it have found it powerful and helped them far more than room-based therapy has.

Even if you just want to know more about Equine therapy feel free to contact me here.