About us

Anita leads the team of supportive and passionate therapists. Anita’s background as a support worker, moved her seamlessly into the world of equine therapy. She is happiest helping clients with all areas of their lives and finds herself not working much – as it never feels like work! Anita is a qualified Equine Therapist/Practitioner certified by Equine Assisted Therapy Australia.

What is equine therapy?

Equine therapy involves various activities with horses that help improve physical and mental health of the therapy participants. The activities most participants engage in range from riding and leading all the way to grooming and feeding, all while closely supervised by a trained professional.

Bonds are created and strengthened at each and every session.

There is something about the gentle wisdom in a horse’s eye that can put even the most troubled soul at peace.

Author unknown

Equine Reflections’ intention is to provide a comforting, safe and enjoyable experience for all, each and every time.